It's about time: we have abolished the six-minute unit.

Almost all other lawyers still bill in six-minute units: an historical anachronism now serving only to charge you for time not actually spent working on your matter. We believe in the use of technology including the ability to record and bill for the time spent working on your matter, to the minute or the second.

  1. For infrequent or one-off users of our legal services, we recommend you contract with us at our hourly rates:
    Position Hourly Rate (inc. GST)
    Principal $495
    Senior Associate $385
    Lawyer $275-$330
    Paralegal/Law Graduate $220

    Disbursements at cost.
    Payment terms: 14 days.

  2. For frequent or heavy users of our legal services, we offer attractive monthly retainer and bulk-hour packages at discounted rates. Please inquire if you would like the details of our packages.

  3. Fixed fee quotes, especially for vendor conveyancing, are also available.